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Every year, the National Board of ESN UK is elected by the sections to serve a mandate lasting one year. The National Board manages the sections in the UK, helps to organise National Trips and also represents the UK at the international level of ESN. They are supported by members of the National Board Support and Audit Committee. The first National Board of the UK was formed in 2007.

The current National Board (2022-2023) was elected in the June 2022 during the ESN UK National Assembly VII Glasgow. Their mandate started on July 1st 2022 and will continue until June 30th 2023. 

National Board

Christie Dear
ESN Aberdeen

Lucia Di Cicco
Project Manager
ESN Durham

Luis Dias
Vice-President for Training and Development

Eilidh Hudson
Communications Manager
ESN Strathclyde

Isobel Owens
National Events

Vishal Handa



Liaison Office

Sian Campbell
Liaison Officer for Education
ESN Bristol

Jude Waites
Liaison Officer for Education



Audit Board

Financial Auditor

Iona Murdoch
Legal Auditor