Hello, everyone! 


ESN Bristol have been in full swing this academic year, planning and organising all sorts for our members, and here are just a few of the highlights we’re proud to share with you…


Tandem events!

Given the vast range of languages that our Erasmus+ students and our Bristolians can speak, we thought it would be a great idea to get everyone together for a night of language exchange. Kicking off just after Freshers week, we hosted a 400+ capacity night with over 10 different languages being spoken. The languages flowed, and with the help of a few challenges and prizes to be won, the mingling throughout the night resulted in the start of some blossoming friendships. After the success of this evening, our Tandem coordinator has made these events a regular event for ESN Bristol, both with specific language evenings, and evenings for any language to be spoken. We think these Tandem evenings are a double triumph as they not only give students the opportunity to practice their language skills in a relaxed environment, but also are a great meeting opportunity to get to know people. The feedback from students so far has been really positive, and we’re looking forward to continuing these successful events throughout the year.


Socials – bowling and karaoke!

Our social secretaries have also been particularly busy this year, and our standout event of the year so far has to be our night to the Lanes. This bowling complex not only played host to some fiercely competitive bowling games, but also provided a great venue with its karaoke machine, its pool tables, and our ESN beer pong games. This huge range of activities was great for entertaining the 80 people at our sell-out event. After the fun of the Lanes, our social secs organised a night out to a local club to top the night off with some cheesy dancing!


Pub Quiz

It has been pub quiz galore down here at Bristol. We organised a British-themed pub quiz that went down a treat, and we were very impressed with the knowledge of the teams. There was a good turn out, and a lot of laughs throughout the night at the quirkiness of British pop culture. Congratulations to the winning team, and further congratulations to the winner of our raffle, who won a free trip for her and a friend on the ESN national trip to Edinburgh. The committee team will be competing in a few days in the PWC society quiz, and later in the term the whole committee will also be taking part in the Bristol inter-society pub quiz, so good luck to the team!


Citi Success

On a final note, we are pleased to announce that ESN Bristol made it to the finals of the Citi Group Society Challenge. Competing against the two societies in the finals, we secured an amazing level of votes, meaning we won the Citi competition, resulting in receiving £1000 in prize money. We are using this money to heavily subsidise our 3-course Christmas meal, and provide more events at an even cheaper price than before!


Written by Sophie Langridge  - Secretary of ESN Bristol 


Wow! It looks like ESN Bristol members have been up to an awful lot of fun. Well done to the energetic and generally awesome committee putting all these amazing events together for their students! And keep enjoying yourselves as much as possible!