Hello ESN’ers,

What’s more Scottish than a real-life, enthusiasm-fuelled Ceilidh?! We, all the way up from ESN RGU, the UK’s Northernmost section, would say “nothing” – which is why we take our members to one every semester!

A Ceilidh (Kay-lee) is the very pinnacle of Scottish parties, and an amazing way to let Erasmus and Exchange student experience some first-hand Scottish culture. See, the aim of the game at a Ceilidh is for everyone to dance with everyone else, every girl will dance with every guy, every couple with every couple, and every group with every group! All of the traditional dances that we do (the band normally teaches us how!) involve swapping partners, as well as a lot of spinning, skipping, running, and lifting (partners, not kilts!).

The historic (and rather fancy) Aberdeen Music Hall hosts the dances all throughout the year – and they are gracious enough to let ESN RGU buy tickets for their members. The bands are always top calibre – you won’t find better Ceilidh bands than Dance McCabre and Clachan Yell – and we’ve never seen anyone who hasn’t enjoyed themselves.

When it comes to Ceilidh dancing, it doesn’t matter if you get the moves right or not – all that matters is that you have a good time! It’s a fantastically relaxed and friendly atmosphere and really, there’s only one rule – if someone asks you to dance, you MUST dance! No excuses!

So what are you waiting for?! Head up North and join ESN RGU for on of our (soon to be) world famous Scottish Ceilidh nights!


Written by Andrew Rattray - ESN RGU