It gives the National Board great pleasure to share with you the open calls for applications for:

  • National President of ESN UK - deadline 27th June
  • Board Support Positions - deadline 1st July
  • National Committee members - deadline 8th July

You can find the Open Calls with position descriptions and the application process, as well as the application forms, here

Following the resignation of our National President, Elena Saldaña Quintans, last week, we are recruiting a replacement to take over as President of ESN UK until AGM 2017. To apply, send your CV and Letter of Motivation to by 23:59 BST on Monday 27th June.
At the same time, we are recruiting members for our brand new National Committees and Board Support Positions for 2016-2017 to work alongside the new President and the rest of the National Board. This year we restructured and adapted the National Coordinators positions with the aim of better addressing the current needs of our network and providing flexible opportunities for both current section members and alumni to contribute to the national level of ESN UK. We encourage everyone - whether you're new to ESN but eager to learn, an alumnus from years back who thinks they can offer some good advice, or anyone inbetween - to apply.

As usual, if you have any questions or want to know more about any of the positions or committees, get in touch with anyone on the National Board ( - we're always happy to chat over Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or email!